Case Narrative

This module invites all participants to take part in an optional assessment. The assessment is based on the case narrative introduced below. At the end of each lesson in the module, you will be invited to write a short paragraph in response.

You can write from the perspective of your current position in the HIV response. For instance, you might work as a receptionist or even an accountant at an HIV organisation or service. We can guarantee that, at some point, you will be asked to offer advice or assistance to someone who is struggling with some of the issues raised in the narrative.

The completed assessment will be shared with your supervisor or manager. The point of the assessment isn’t to judge you on your skills and knowledge. Instead, it creates an opportunity for discussion, which can acknowledge your existing strengths and may identify additional learning opportunities as well.

Introducing Jason

Jason is a 28 year old gay man who resides in Australia as an international student. He was born in Hong Kong and holds citizenship in the People’s Republic of China.

One afternoon, he calls your organisation and you answer the call. Jason explains that his most recent viral load came back detectable. His primary concern is whether this might affect his application for permanent residence in Australia.

In this module, we’ll tease out some of the different issues that could play a role in Jason’s detectable viral load, as well as the resources and services that could help improve his quality of life.

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